Choosing air registers was much more difficult than I thought

We have been working on building our new house for the past year and a half.

It’s been a really long time coming, too! The contractor that we hired ended up working with an HVAC contractor to help with all of the heating and air conditioning and ductwork for the new house.

They had quite a bit of trouble with the installation of the furnace in the house for some reason. Not only that, they also had trouble with the air conditioning system as well. The HVAC problems were so problematic that they ended up postponing us finishing the house. It was pretty annoying that we had everything else done in the house but us moving in was put on hold for months because of the problems we were having with the heating and air conditioning system. It was really frustrating for us, since the HVAC contractors were supposed to be really good and they had a reputation for getting their heating and air conditioning installations done in a timely manner. I guess they pretty much blamed the manufacturer of the new HVAC system, though. By the time we were finally able to move in, we were sick and tired of waiting around, let me tell you! When we did get all of our stuff moved in, all we had left to do was to buy air register covers for the heating and cooling vents. It actually took us a long time to choose just the right air register covers. I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of air register covers to choose from!

Air conditioning technician