Changing the thermostat settings leads to problems

It wasn’t until the end of the week that I remembered to reset the thermostat

The company I work for recently received the largest electric bill that we have ever gotten. I could try to explain that this was the unfortunate effect of the worsening economy that is making it harder to survive from a financial point of view. However, this bill was easily the result of human error, my error, in regards to the thermostat settings and our air conditioning system, then last week, our company was host for a huge corporation event in which we invited all of the local small corporation owners from the community to encourage each other to keep fighting. There were a lot of people, so we kept the air conditioning system running to keep the room from feeling appreciate the combustion chamber of a natural gas furnace. Thankfully, the air conditioning system held up to the job set before it, and we had no problems at all with the air conditioning system that day. When everybody left, it was our job to remember to set the thermostat for the normal daily settings, which was warmer throughout the week, especially at night when we didn’t use the air conditioning system. However, I walked out the door and forgot all about our air conditioning system. Throughout the week, I never noticed that the air conditioning system was way cooler than usual. Normally, we program out air conditioning system on a schedule and don’t guess much about it. It wasn’t until the end of the week that I remembered to reset the thermostat. However, the injury was already inflicted. The air conditioning system setting had caused the electricity bill to go bananas, and there was nobody to blame besides me. I am sure that I am never going to be able to live this mistake down.

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