Better air filters means less cleaning

If you want your house to be easier to clean, and to be easier to keep clean, you need to start with a few basics.

I don’t mean basics about cleaning, I am going to assume you know how to do that.

We all have to clean our homes from time to time, it doesn’t matter how neat of a person you are. We all shed skin cells, drip perspiration, leave odors and crumbs and little bits of dirt and debris in our wakes, all of us do every single day. So cleaning up after yourself is not optional, but when you have good ventilation, and a better than average air filter, you will find cleaning to be less of a chore. Everyone hates dust bunnies, right, but when your air filter is good enough, you won’t get dust bunnies like ever. You would have to turn off the HVAC system and then wait for a few weeks before you would see the first clump of dust on your floor. Here is the thing, dust is viewed as harmless, just fluff to be swept up, but the contents of dust are mainly shed skin cells, which is something an air filter will collect. Get a new air filter for your home system, and do not cheap out and get the bottom shelf one. HEPA air filters are the best on the market, and yes you have to pay through the nose for them, but they really are just that good. The better air filter you have, the less cleaning you will have to do.



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