Benefits of threading your eyebrows

Nobody wants to have eyebrows smaller than a pair of tweezers.

Weirdly enough the middle east is amazing when it comes to hair removal. Did you know that sugar waxing and threading came from the middle east? Apparently those ladies were smarter at coming up with ways to get rid of pesky hairs. Mainly in the United States we do waxing. Ripping the hair out through the follicle with hot wax is not smart. The chemicals can really burn the skin, the process hurts and waxing every month gets to be a pain. When it comes to facial hair removal, consider threading. Threading is all natural and doesn’t irritate the skin. The only thing that touches the face is a soft cotton thread. No chemicals, oils or anything else to cause breakouts in a sensitive area. Additionally, that soft cotton thread is not even touching the skin when the hair is removed. Due to this, threading eyebrow hair off is significantly less painful. Have you ever watched threading? It is way more of an artform and much more careful. Certain areas of the body or even specific hairs can be taken care of with threading. Waxing the eyebrow hair off is in one big pull. Yes, it takes less time, but most of the time more hair than necessary is removed. Nobody wants to have eyebrows smaller than a pair of tweezers. With threading taking more time, I mean that threading takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes. This is way less time than it takes an individual to tweeze the hairs. The process is safer for the skin and affordable. High quality threading at good salons only cost around $12.