Being cold all the time is a pain

I just don’t get why I am cold. It does not make sense that someone at my age is always cold. I seem to feel cold, when by rights, I honestly should not be. I can be at home or at the office or out on a date or at an establishment somewhere with a big group of people. Not a single soul will be talking about how low the thermostat is being set at, as well as yet there I will be, feeling cold, rubbing my hands down my arms, as well as feeling my teeth chattering. I have been in a relationship with my man for only a month as well as yet I am already worrying about what his temperature preferences are. What if all of us eventually end up residing together as well as he likes to set the temperature at a cold level on the thermostat; chilly cold, at least to me? My loft is pretty much the only spot where I have total control over the temperature of my environment as well as I don’t want to give that up anytime soon! My boyfriend would undoubtedly think that it was too hot from the lack of ac system that I use, even during the hot season. Meanwhile, I am perfectly content in the heat. I suppose I could get used to bundling up in a bunch of layers like I do when I go out. However, I would really like to be naturally comfortable in the location that I live, wearing whatever I need to when I need to.


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