Basically doing my own AC maintenance

Every year I am getting better at cleaning my AC unit.

I used to just call up a HVAC business and have a contractor do the tune up.

A cooling tune up is not too expensive and absolutely necessary. I don’t mind the time, effort and money spent on it. However, I would really like to learn a new skill. So slowly I have been doing a little of my own cooling maintenance. I started out just changing my air filter once a month. I felt so impressed by that. Then I learned to take the AC apart to vacuum and wipe the inside of it. Next I figured out that the cooling coil gets mold all over it frequently. I now frequently clean that part. I then found that the reason my AC leaks sometimes is a clog in the condensate drain, typically algae. I have cleaned that up from time to time. Now I am moving into liquids. I have added refrigerant to the machine and lubrication to the fan motor belt. I feel the next step is being able to deduce worn or rusted parts. Then I will need to find a replacement part and make the AC repair. Once I can do that job, I will no longer need to pay for cooling service, I will be able to do every part of it. That is a long time coming though. It is one thing to clean a dirty system, another entirely to repair a cooling system. I don’t know if I have the necessary skill set.

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