Balancing fatherhood and my HVAC career

Being the single father of two daughters has not been easy. I would venture a guess that it should have been a whole lot harder, but I was blessed with two incredibly smart and capable kids who only made my life easier. Cindy is the oldest, and she is very much like her mother used to be. Cindy runs the household like someone twice her age, and is a constant source of help for me. Her little sister Connie, however, is a chip off the old block and just like her old man. Running your own independent HVAC outfit is hard work, and requires odd hours, but Connie was always down to ride along. She started learning the ins and outs of furnaces and air conditioners before she learned how to read. I do mean “ins and outs” because more than once I had to fish her out of ductwork that she crawled inside of. Now that they are teenagers, Cindy is kicking butt in school and still running the house and Connie has become my assistant HVAC tech. Of course she is too young to legally work for me, nor does she have her official HVAC certification, but I would bet money that she is more skilled than most adult technicians I know. As soon as she turns 16 I’m giving her a paying job for the HVAC company, and when she turns 18 she will get her certification and go pro. With any luck she will be running the HVAC company for me within 5 years and I can retire.

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