Bad Design

There are some people that should not have the title of designer or architect. I think that most of the work may be left up to their assistants, and their work may be inferior. Inferior workmanship is everywhere in our lives. There are several air vents in the family room and yet there are very few air vents in my master bedroom. I don’t have a single air vent in my office. I really didn’t think it made sense to put air vents into the garage when it just has wooden doors and no insulation. I have more air vents in the basement than anywhere in the rest of the building. It really angers me so much that I am speechless. Maybe I just never took notice of the shoddy workmanship until I bought my home. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the misplacement of all of the HVAC equipment until after I had moved in. I called the contractor and he told me that there wasn’t much they could do. I have called them so many times that I am tired of hearing their answer, which is always the same. I thought that maybe I could shame the HVAC contractor into fixing the mess they made. I talked to the home developer and he agreed that the placement of the air vents was not ideal. They talked to the HVAC company who sent someone over to research the air flow, but I sent him home. I knew he was just one of their inferior minion. I’m sure that with more research I will find more homes that this contractor has worked on, and they will be as poorly designed as my home.

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