Air purifiers made me feel better

Going in and out of the hospital for my asthma and allergies, is a normal part of life for me.

It seems that the only part of the hospital that bothers me is the way they set the thermostats.

It seems they always have the air conditioning down really low. I am really uncomfortable, even though I understand the reasoning behind it. When the air is cooler, it helps to retard the spread of germs. The one thing I really like about the hospital is their amazing air purification system. They have a UV light Air purifier that helps to eliminate all of the dust and allergens from the air. This makes the air quality fantastic and I have an easier time breathing. I don’t have a runny nose or red and itchy eyes, either. This is a big plus for me. There are times when I feel so bad that I can’t imagine being anywhere other than in the hospital. I’m sure that if I were to call the HVAC company, I would be able to add a UV air purification system to my HVAC system. I wouldn’t be in the hospital as often. The allergy meds aren’t all that good and I am throwing my money away on them. The UV air purifier is expensive, but I’m sure the HVAC company would give me a payment plan. In the long run, the UV air purifier would be much cheaper than running to the hospital whenever my allergies or asthma get at their worst.



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