Air cooled sleeper is a serious lifesaver for me

I went to a horse clinic not too long ago to learn better horse riding habits.

I had to trailer my horse in in addition to it was a more than three hour trip so I stayed overnight.

My horse trailer has a very small sleeper built in to the front with a small bed in addition to not much else. I decided to bring along a cooler with some sandwiches in addition to figured I would be just fine. What I didn’t anticipate was how sizzling it gets this far south. Most of the time, I keep the a/c device running at my household in addition to rarely leave the household after breakfast so I don’t supply much thought to the temperature in the midst of the night. Well, after a long day driving in addition to setting up, I wished I had given it some thought to the uneven temperatures at night because it was too sizzling to even get any rest. The temperature never actually fell below 95 degrees in addition to I was completely dying. In the morning, I tacked up my horse in addition to got her prepared for the clinic however I felt something like death. I was so tired in addition to fuzzy headed. My disorientation must have been evident. I told the teacher I hadn’t slept well because of the lack of air conditioning in addition to I was amazed anyone else had gotten any sleep. That’s when I found out that the teacher’s 6-horse trailer had a sleeper in it with a/c in addition to that the other participants were actually sleeping there. The teacher stated there was no extra bed for me however that I was welcome to come in addition to sleep on the floor. Of course, I took her up on the offer. I was so exhausted that I didn’t mind the hard floor, at least it had air conditioning in addition to I was able to start fresh for the final day of lessons.


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