Air Conditioner maintenance fulfills manufacturer’s warranty requirements

When I finally invested into central air conditioning for my home, the project turned out to be far more expensive than expected.

The HVAC contractor talked me into a superior cooling system because of the higher SEER and a bunch of convenient features.

I wanted to take advantage of greater efficiency, lower sound levels, superior dehumidification and zone control. All of these upgrades added up and I was shocked by the final price. Then the HVAC contractor recommended that I enroll in maintenance plan. I was extremely reluctant to spend yet more money on the air conditioner. However, the HVAC contractor informed me that a record of annual professional upkeep was necessary to fulfill the manufacturer’s warranty stipulations. If I failed to keep up with the yearly service, the warranty would be void and any repairs would be my responsibility. At least the maintenance plan includes some perks. I get priority scheduling and there’s no overtime charges for repairs outside of regular business hours. I also get a discount on parts and labor. Over the years, I’ve realized that proactive upkeep for the air conditioner is cost-effective. I’m sure that the regular cleaning, troubleshooting and tuning has kept my cooling system operating at its best. I never worry about a malfunction during the summer. I don’t deal with concerns with air quality or elevated sound levels. The HVAC contractor shows up every spring and meticulously inspects all components. If there’s any worn or broken parts, he makes replacements. He eliminates any buildup of dust and other debris that could potentially restrict airflow, diminish comfort and lead to higher running costs. Because of the maintenance plan, I have definitely saved money and enjoyed superior value from the air conditioner.


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