After ten years, it's time to make a change

Spending tons of money to get my roof fixed last year was a nightmare.

I was very sure that I could get another 10 or fifteen years out of my original roof, but when I began getting leaks in the attic, I eventually gave in.

You would believe that I might know what sort of costs are involved, but I was honestly shocked when I was given estimates on supplies and labor. The repairs were a lengthy process as well. To be fair, the work crew was at it early every afternoon trying to get the job done ahead of schedule. But, that also meant that I had to hear tons of saws, power drills, and nail guns at more than five pm in the afternoon every single afternoon. This annoyance got outdated suddenly, so when the job was almost finished, I was feeling blessed. Despite having the roof finished, now I have to consider other portions of my house and what else needs to be repaired or replaced. I put in a state of the art water oil furnace last year, but I’m unsure what I should do with my central heating and cooling system. In the past, I would replace my systems every 10 to 20 years. This constantly yielded better performance and lower energy bills because the newer models were officially changed around and updated from the 1s preceding them. Right now, the current system is nearly 20 years old. I have looked at several possible replacements, but I can’t stomach the costs after having the roof replaced last year. My hope is that I can squeeze a few more years at least out of my current Heating and Air Conditioning system before I am supposed to replace it. Granted, my parents used to keep their air conditioning for up to 30-50 years and claimed they worked fine.


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