Adopting a kitten who loves my heater

One winter ago on a Wednesday night arriving home from work, I discovered a small kitten on my doorstep.

  • I have never seen the kitten around the block before, however there she was looking right at myself and others and purring incessantly.

I might have ignored the kitten if the temperatures were warmer. I definitely would not have even left food out, because I know that just attracts more stray kittens. However, it was a harsh 30 degrees outside and I could see that the little thing was shivering and really had not eaten for a while. I decided to let the kitten inside my home. I have a pretty hardcore little furnace. My loft was big and toasty despite the weather. The kitten almost instantly jumped up on my recliner and fell asleep suddenly. I knew it must have particularly been loving the warmth from my heating system. It found itself in such a moderate & cozy environment that it could not help however sleep for a bit. I knew it must still be quite famished, so I went back out the store particularly quick to get some kitten food and even a litter box, because however long I was planning on keeping the kitten, I did not want it going to the bathroom on my floor! When I returned home, the kitten was still in the same spot on the recliner, curled up and enjoying the warmth, but she perked up to the food that I gave her and I did my best to keep her from eating too fast.

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