A boiler is the best type of heater for cold weather areas

In my opinion, a boiler is the best type of heating system for cold weather areas.

The only drawback of a boiler system is the lack of any type of cooling capability.

I live in the northeast, where central air conditioning is totally unnecessary. We typically deal with eight months of winter weather and the temperature often drops well below zero. We’re trapped inside, with the heater running, for the majority of the year. The heating system not only needs to keep up with severe weather but operate efficiently and reliability and maintain a comfortable home. Because a boiler is a hydronic heating system, it provides a very gentle type of comfort. The heat isn’t blasted into the room from air vents, doesn’t rise straight up to the ceiling and won’t overly dry out the air. A boiler uses water to move heat energy and radiates the heat into the air. This process keeps the highest temperature closer to the floor, eliminates drafts and minimizes stratification. Plus, the boiler is a closed system, requiring very little maintenance and avoiding the introduction of allergens into the breathing air. This style of heating is wonderfully versatile. A boiler can be linked to baseboard heaters, radiators, radiant flooring, towel warmers or a snowmelt system. It can also supplement household water heating demands or heat a swimming pool or hot tub. A boiler operates almost silently and easily accommodates zoned conditioning. With independent thermostats, each room can be heated according to preference and occupancy. There’s no need to heat empty rooms or maintain the whole house at a single temperature.

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